When I first met Lori, I considered myself to be reasonably fit. My main form of fitness was running. I contacted Lori because I decided to run a marathon and I wanted to train in the smartest way possible, avoiding injury. I found Lori to be very kind and extremely knowledgeable in many areas of health and fitness. Lori taught me the importance of strength training, something I avoided because I prefer to exercise outdoors rather than in a gym. We would combine a rigorous and thoughtful routine, exercising inside as well as outside. Having variety was important to me and Lori’s approach was always fun and also challenging. Fitness training continues to be a big and positive part of my life and I owe this fact to Lori. I think Ms. Cuccinotta is an exemplary role model as a strong and confident woman. Thank you Lori.
Jamie Rawding – Seattle, US
I have been training twice a week with Lori for over three years. I started working with Lori when my first child was 6mths old. With a husband that travels and a full-time job, getting to a gym or class was very challenging and motivating myself to exercise at home was even more so! Since then Lori has seen me through my second pregnancy and now onto my third. Apart from the fact that she has become a great friend, the best thing about working with Lori is that by the time I start to think I’m too busy or tired to exercise she is just around the corner from my house, so I have no excuses! She is extremely experienced and professional. The style of her workouts really suits me and she has adapted them through my pregnancies and to meet my fitness and weight goals at different times. I feel great about the fact that I have exercised for over 200 hours over the last three years – without Lori that would be 0 and I have no idea what I would look like if that were the case! I can highly recommend training with Lori. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my heath, fitness and body image.

I’ve trained with Lori now for nearly five years since coming to Melbourne. I’m committed to good health and maintaining my fitness, but as a busy, older professional woman who travels for work and whose schedule is pretty crazy, I know that staying motivated and sticking to a gym schedule can be really difficult. That’s where Lori comes in! As a personal trainer who comes to my house, Lori keeps me connected to exercise and on track, whatever other demands crop up for me in a busy week. Motivated, positive, energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, empathetic and fun— it’s quite some list, but Lori is all that, and much more besides. Lori listens to people, provides great feedback, and tailors programs to suit an individual’s priorities. Her personal focus on her client is what she’s all about. Over five years, whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day, summer or winter, indoors or outside, working with Lori has always made me feel great. I’ve trained now for 20 years in different cities, with different people— and against that backdrop, I would recommend Lori to anyone serious about their fitness, in an instant. (Lori, you’re a star! Thank you.)


When I started training with Lori almost five years ago, I had a very sedentary lifestyle. Since then, I have become so much stronger and exercise is now an essential part of my life! In every session, Lori makes sure the work out is adapted to my physical state, with a mix of challenging and slower paced exercises. Lori‘s commitment to her work and her clients’ is incredible. She’s always communicating, open to feedback and keen to work with me on my goals.  Beyond being a great personal trainer, Lori has also been a ‘coach’, supporting and guiding me on my fitness journey, and inspiring me to make exercise and health a focus in my life! I highly recommend Lori as a personal trainer to anyone. 


Lori was very approachable in my initial consultation; friendly, welcoming, encouraging and professional. I spent nearly 12 months with Lori and had weekly 60 minute sessions where she pushed me with tailor-made exercises to reach my goal of returning to the Victorian Netball League. Lori combined a mixture of functional exercises and high intensity interval training, with a strong focus on core stability and strength; I felt strong and lean. I have no doubt that without Lori’s support I would not have been successful in returning to semi-professional sport after 4 years off to study. Unfortunately, due to the increased training load with my team I was unable to continue with Lori’s services. Lori was not only a personal trainer but also a great friend. Now that I am finished with my sporting career, I am seriously considering returning to her for my own personal fitness and health goals… but she’s a busy gal (because she is so good) so it might be tough to get back in! For those considering hiring Lori as their personal training – I say do it”

Eloise Dack


September, 2010 until April, 2011. I am a 63 year old man in reasonably good shape but, Lori Cucinotta was my personal trainer at the Tokyo American Club from approximately as my age might suggest, I suffer from arthritis in my back and shoulders and I donʼt stretch enough … to name a few of my ailments. My wife was after me for several months to begin these workouts and I am certainly glad that she kept insisting and made me follow through.
Lori developed an exercise routine for me that started out easy, concentrated on the issues, helped strengthen the surrounding areas to provide support to the weaknesses and worked on strengthening my core and flexibility. In just a few weeks, I noticed a difference and started top feel a lot better about myself, both physically and mentally.
One of my concerns about not using an expert is that I would be performing an exercise or using a machine improperly and might just be causing more damage than help. Lori taught me the proper way to use the weights, nautilus equipment, exercise balls and /or floor mats.
Not only was I impressed with her ability as a trainer but also with her personality. She is bright, committed, patient, a pleasure to work with and I looked forward to each new session. She has a lot of friends at the Tokyo American Club that will miss her, me included

If anyone has any additional questions you can reach me at
Gerry Lawless
President, Raytheon Japan


Lori embodies everything you could hope for in a trainer: empathy, respect for your current health situation and challenges, positivity, and the ability to inspire you to work toward your goals.

On the most basic level, Lori is a pure professional who “knows her stuff”, watches how your body works, and creates a program for you which is both stimulating (not boring!) and realistic.

She in encouraging without being condescending and quickly praises when praise is due! She is creative in finding exercises that YOU enjoy as well as being tough when it comes to making sure you are doing things absolutely properly (so you don’t hurt yourself and you get maximum benefit from the exercise).

Her upbeat, always positive demeanor serves as an inspiration to everyone considering moving a level up in their fitness level.

I worked with Lori for 5 years, 3 times a week in Tokyo – and couldn’t ask for better personal trainer!

Kim Forsythe


I trained with Lori at the Tokyo American Club from 2005-2009 and LOVED working with her! I would describe myself as a person with absolutely no self control when it comes to watching what I eat or forcing myself to excercise, so my regular sessions with Lori were a GODSEND and were actually something I looked forward to each week. If I ever moved to Melbourne I’d be immediately seeking out her services again!

Not only did she make the sessions fun with a wide range of excercises designed to suit my particular goals but they were challenging enough so I quickly built strength, stamina and could quickly see results.

Lori also has such a gift for knowing her clients and how to get the best out of them. I have watched her train many people. Some clients were happiest working out in relative silence, with Lori just giving them simple instructions and encouragement. Then there were clients like me who enjoyed the delicious distraction of Lori’s fantastic personality where she knew that a lengthy discussion about the latest celebrity scandal was all it took for me to get through a gruelling series of lunges and squats without so much as a whimper of complaint – or realizing that I’d even done them! That’s what I call a fantastic trainer!

As I said, I would sign up for Lori’s sessions again in a heart beat if I lived in the same city and thoroughly recommend that you do

Belinda E. – Chicago, USA


“I started training with Lori a number of years ago now, i had been steadily losing weight for the previous couple of years training and competing in triathlons but felt i needed to build strength and really focus on core conditioning. Lori’s program and tireless encouragement were absolutely invaluable and in no small part due to this i managed to lose even more weight and see my all round fitness come on in leaps and bound. I would not hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone looking for a personal trainer who will really push them but also genuinely care about their goals, Thanks Lori

Jamie Slaymaker



Lori is a trainer who takes the whole person into account while planning a workout that best fits the client’s needs. She knows how to assist the client to reach goals and extend objectives in a manner that is positive and professional. Her disposition is friendly and even. She is someone in whom the client can place trust and she is very knowledgeable about her field of health, well-being and the infusion of a productive workout. I would recommend her highly!

Kris Herrmann


I needed someone to help me lose weight and get fit and Lori was recommended to me by a close friend. I was hoping that she would be the one to offer me the help and support I needed, thankfully she was a god send! From the first time we met, I felt relaxed and comfortable around her. She asked me lots of questions to try and get as much information as possible and she asked me what my goals were. I wanted to lose 30KG and she never thought that was unrealistic! We started working together twice a week. She is always professional and encouraging in our sessions. I never get bored as she always mixes up the session and introduces new exercises and challenges for me. Lori is very generous with her time for her clients and I know that I can always contact her for help and advice anytime. It took me 6 months to lose 25KG and I know that I could never have done it without her help, love and support. She is a very special trainer and friend.Anyone who is lucky enough to train with with her will be very happy! 

Lisa Spencer


Working with Lori Cucinotta is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well being!
In the past I’ve always given up at the gym a few months after starting a program. Training with Lori helped me address all the reasons for those previous failures.
I started to see immediate results because Lori knew how to push me to my limits. She encouraged me to work hard in between sessions so I could keep up the pace during our one on one session.
I learned new and interesting exercises, which kept it motivating. Lori was always stressing correct form that allowed me to confidently complete our intended routines. Not only is Lori an amazing trainer, but also one of the most positive individuals that I have ever met. Her influence on my psyche helped me understand that my goals are achievable and attainable!
Lori is incredibly knowledgeable about health and fitness and will help you identify what is your best pathway to success. Not to mention a world-class motivator. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Lori if you are ready to commit to achieve your fitness goals

Marianne Kiil


I trained with Lori regularly for a total of 3 years, and was very sad to have to discontinue our sessions when I left the country. Training with Lori was an amazing and transformational experience as when we commenced our sessions, I was juggling all the typical “multiple balls” of a hectic lifestyle comprising long hours at work, insufficient sleep and very frequent business travel. I was at that time struggling with my weight, recurring backache, the condition of my skin, and so on. No more.

Lori quickly custom-designed a varied (and fun) program for me to get maximum bang for each precious minute, involving resistance training, cardio, and deep-stretching. She also designed a travel workout program for me, such that I could “keep up the good work” in hotel rooms, parks, poorly equipped gyms, or wherever I might find myself with 30 minutes to an hour to spare, but unable to get to my regular gym to get my workout done. This combined with Lori’s deep knowledge of nutrition (she literally re-wrote my weekly shopping list and suggested another healthy wholesome food, snack, meal at each and every session) yielded astonishing results.

It is fair to say I am almost unrecognizable now. I have lost 15 kilos in weight (and kept it off) and gained quite noticeable muscle definition, as well perhaps more importantly, significantly raised my energy level, and improved my sleep quality.

3 years have passed since my last training session with Lori (we now live 1000s of miles apart), but she still checks in with me regularly to see how I am progressing. It is no exaggeration to say that my 2 years training with Lori has permanently changed my outlook on life and my health.

Sure … Lori does this for a living, but she also does it because she loves it, and genuinely cares about the health and happiness of her family, her friends, her clients, and her colleagues.
Lori, thank you.

Matthew Engmann


It is with great pleasure that I get the opportunity to write a testimonial for Lori. Honestly I can sit here a write tons of great things about her, but they won’t give her the justice that she really deserves. You won’t get the entire package until you actually train with her. Her dedication and professionalism is a cut above the rest, but she also knows how to balance all of that and have a personal touch on things. You will never feel just like another client. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day she has, you will always be greeted with her knockout personality which happens to be highly contagious.

But let me be honest, there will be times that you will want kill her. She is a horrible with numbers! When she says you will do 10 squats, you better look like counting for her. Otherwise before you know it, you will be hitting 15. Always an awesome workout though!! She is definitely missed in Tokyo.

LD Oliver


To Whom it May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Lori Cucinnota. I cannot say enough good things about Lori We began working together when I moved to Tokyo four years ago,
beginning in August of 2007. For the past 4 years, she has provided a great workout program that really pushed me and helped me achieve some significant personal goals.

I began working with Lori because of the great reputation she had. She tailored a program that was very specific to me and she continually updated it and made it fresh and challenging. She has a wonderful way of being a coach and a cheerleader. She knows when to use a lighter touch and when to toughen up and make me work harder than I thought I could.

When we first started working together, I broke my wrist in a biking accident. Lori designed a workout program that kept me fit and protected my injured wrist.
Long after it had healed, she always remembered to verify that if felt strong and what we were doing was safe.

After working with Lori for about 2 ½ years, I decided to train for the Tokyo Marathon.
I had run three previous marathons, but my goal was to break 4 hours. Lori designed a workout program that complimented my running program. I went into the marathon feeling stronger and more fit than ever before. I met my personal goal of running under four hours and crossed the finish line at 3:57! I am certain that it was working with Lori that made the difference.

Lastly, I want to say that Lori was always pleasant and professional. I always looked forward to our sessions and miss her now that we have both moved back to our home countries! I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating and fun to work with!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if I can provide any further insight

Elizabeth Parker


I worked with Lori between 2003 and 2005 and intermittently when I returned to Tokyo on business. Lori put together a core strengthening and conditioning program for me which has really helped me push on an become a competitive age group triathlete. Lori is also an accomplished swim coach and I made several efficiency improvements working with her. She is an excellent trainer, talented and committed, and can help you achieve your objectives

Richard Parkinson


Letter of Recommendation for Lori Cucinotta

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Lori Cucinotta to you as a personal trainer. I had the pleasure of training with Lori at the Tokyo American Club and it was a very positive and rewarding experience in my life.

When I met Lori, I was suffering from difficulties with rheumatoid arthritis and had not been able to work-out on a regular basis for several years. Lori was great! She was patient and supportive and designed special workouts for me to build strength and flexibility without putting stress on my joints.

After nine months of training with Lori, I had lost weight, gained strength, and felt better than I had for several years. Lori has an energetic and positive attitude. Her caring personality and friendly outgoing nature always made me feel good and upbeat after a workout.

We all miss her at the club and would love to have her back in Tokyo. I would highly recommend Lori as your trainer

Robin Stuck


After winning a silent auction bid where I got Lori as my trainer on a trial basis for two x’s I was hooked! Lori’s ability to work you till you ache just right is a gift. She has a deep appreciation for her work and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their personal fitness goals. I think anyone who has interacted with Lori will say she’s not only a great personal trainer but she’ll become a trusted friend.

Lori you can add or change to your needs or i can write a different angle whatever you need happy to help



I have been training with Lori Cucinotta over the past year. She understands my limitations and is helping me to achieve my goals in a fun and positive manner. I look forward to every session with her and I highly recommend her as your personal trainer”

Michael Chae


Lori is amazing! She took the time to understand my goals, built a program customized for my needs, and was flexible enough to schedule sessions around my busy work schedule. Lori’s tough and pushes you when needed, yet her amazing Aussie wit and charm always made the sessions go quickly, even when they were challenging. She also did a great job of changing up the program regularly so that workouts never became monotonous or routine. I recommend her highly, and would work with her again in a heartbeat if I’m ever lucky enough to find myself in Melbourne!

Trish Adams


Letter of Recommendation for Lori Cucinotta

Lori Cucinotta is someone who I would classify as a “Fitness Consultant” rather than merely a personal trainer. In my opinion, her holistic approach to health, combining multiple aspects of well-being, is what makes her training programs both unique and successful. Her expertise, energy, and character are what allow her to offer an unparalleled fitness experience and results that go beyond the typical strength/weight improvements that many fitness experts boast.

Expertise: It is clear that Lori takes her work seriously from the amount of knowledge and expertise she brings to her training programs. As a result of her abundance of both first-hand and studied experience, I felt comfortable allowing her direct me in my training and suggest high-level exercises to meet my unique fitness goals.

Positive Energy: I’ve tried pretty much every trick in the book to stay motivated when it comes to my fitness, only to realize that the most influential motivators in my life are the people around me. Lori’s tireless attitude and unremitting positivity allowed me to excel and devote the necessary energy to my fitness program in order to achieve the results I was seeking.

Character: Lori Cucinotta is someone of incomparable character and class. As both a client and a friend, I have witnessed her integrity and honesty both inside and outside of the gym. To me, working with someone to improve your health requires a great level of trust and understanding. Lori’s compassionate character allows her to connect with her clients and build this supportive bond.

Although I am no longer able to train with Lori due to geographical separation, her teachings and energy are still a huge part of my current training regime. As a Fitness Consultant, Lori has instilled good habits, motivational flare, and integrity that I will be sure to exercise for the rest of my life.

Ed Blunderfield


To whom it may concern,

I have known Lori for 6 years during my posting in Japan and for the last three years she has been my Personal Trainer at the Tokyo American Club.

I initially started working with Lori when I had an injury from Marathon running and she quickly developed a programme of rehab to help the recovery. After this successful process I worked with Lori twice a week and she set up various training schedules for overall fitness and body conditioning.

The PT has always been challenging but fun and very rewarding. Lori keeps up with the latest forms of exercise and mixes up the sessions well.

Lori has always been reliable , hard working , enthusiastic and very effective. She was an extremely popular trainer at TAC and had the most clients which is testimant to her ability and experience.

I am very happy to recommend Lori to any future employer

Prime Services Trading
Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited
Email :


I was fortunate to have Lori as my trainer for about three years in Tokyo. We met about once a quarter (my choice), to update my program and for Lori to check my progress.

Lori was unfailingly professional, encouraging and positive, and made me feel good about myself and my progress towards my fitness goals.
As a not-very-fit woman in my early 50’s, I enjoyed Lori’s support and advice, as well as her informal style and sense of humour. She listened to what I wanted to achieve, then developed my programs around that. Even when we did not have a session scheduled, she was friendly and helpful if I had a question.

Lori is also extraordinarily strong and fit, and was able to demonstrate the correct way to do any move or use any piece of apparatus. She is a stickler for correct form to build strength and flexibility safely and sustainably.

I miss Lori’s calm and supportive approach, and recommend her unreservedly to anyone who wants to improve his or her overall fitness and strength in a safe and structured manner

Penelope J. Dobson
July 2011


To Whom It May Concern:

Approximately 4 years ago while living in Tokyo I was referred to Lori to put together a training program for me. I had not been exercising for some time and had developed muscle spasm in my back. My physiotherapist had indicated I should work on strengthening my core muscle groups and recommended Lori to put together a program.

I was then a man in my early 50’s who hated gym work (but liked the felling after it was over). Lori put together an initial program for me, which took into account my objectives, my time constraints, and my dodgy back. She emphasized ‘core’ work but with a mix of cardio and strengthening. Correct use of equipment, correct ways of doing the various exercises and appropriate stretching were also emphasized (and corrected if she noticed even if with other clients). We revised my program at regular intervals when she changed things around and as a result of her supervision my back is the best it has felt in years.

The fact that I have continued with regular gym workouts is great testament to Lori’s influence.

Lori is a friendly, kind and easy lady to talk to. She approaches her job with passion, enthusiasm and a great deal of humour. She is always supportive and encouraging. She can be very tough, but in the end she is always mindful of the client’s needs and ambitions.

We have recently returned to Australia and we are in the process of looking for a trainer: I hope we find someone like Lori.

I would recommend Lori without hesitation to anyone requiring a personally targeted strength and fitness program designed by a professional and extremely personable young lady

David Taylor


To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Lori Cucinotta was my personal trainer at the Tokyo American Club for over six (6) years. I found her to be extremely competent, knowledgeable and reliable.

Lori was very well liked at the club; always with a sunny disposition and positive attitude. She had compassion for her clients, yet pushed them to be their very best.

During our time together, Lori helped me increase my strength, agility and flexibility while advising me on proper diet and nutrition. She has changed my life positively and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She would be an excellent addition to anyone’s team!

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like to discuss further or have any questions

Christine Elliott Hernandez


To whom it may concern;

It is with pleasure that I write a reference for Ms. Lori Cucinotta. Lori has been with our club starting off working in the aquatics department as a lifeguard and swim instructor and also in our fitness centre as one of our top personal trainers at the Tokyo American Club since 2001.

The Tokyo American Club is an exclusive expatriate facility in central Tokyo and attracts a demanding clientele. Over the years Lori has developed a great rapport with the members and staff. Lori always presented herself in all situations as a dedicated professional. She is focused, skilled and shows a true commitment to her profession.

When Lori first came to the club she was employed as a lifeguard and swim instructor where she quickly became one of our top swim instructors. As she became more familiar with the club and clientele and with her education background and experience, Lori soon became a personal trainer at the club. Lori with her professionalism and outgoing personality soon became one of our top personal trainers.

To see Lori leave the Club will be a definite loss to the club and she will succeed in anything that she puts her mind to and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors and hope to have the opportunity to work with Lori again one day.

She has been a great asset to our team and should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Scott Yahiro
Recreation Director


I want to let you know about the great work Lori Cucinotta did for me on the rehabilitation work after my motorcycle accident and also what she did after that in getting me back into shape after such a long absence due to my injuries.
I really want to express the professional work she did in focusing not only on the areas which were affected by the accident -legs primarily but also in crafting a full body regimen so that I would not overly focus on one area. Her ability to motivate enabled me to keep doing the extra work I needed so that I could make a full recovery. Because of the time and effort she put in, I am fully recovered and able to run again, swim and lift weights. If she had not pushed me I would have never been able to be where I am now. I am in shape and feel great.
I wish she were closer. I highly recommend you contact her.



I worked with Lori between 2003 and 2005 and intermittently when I returned to Tokyo on business. Lori put together a core strengthening and conditioning program for me which has really helped me push on an become a competitive age group triathlete. Lori is also an accomplished swim coach and I made several efficiency improvements working with her. She is an excellent trainer, talented and committed, and can help you achieve your objectives. 

Richard Parkinson


I have known Lori Cucinotta for more than 6 years and highly recommend her as a personal trainer.
Lori was able to get me motivated to swim and run again after a long time away from any form of exercise. The time with Lori was always enjoyable with focus on areas of my body that needed work. Lori took the time to understand my body and previous injuries. This was always considered in developing any training session. I looked forward to the sessions as it provided an excellent break from the stresses of work, a time to push myself physically (with Lori’s encouragement) and resulted in a happier me when I came back home to the family

Simon McDonald
Managing Director, Asset Management


There are plenty of “fitness trainers” out there and then there is Lori – THE fitness trainer you want and need. When I started working with Lori I found that she really listened to my goals and then helped construct a realistic plan to achieve those goals. Lori is the perfect combination of fun and discipline that keeps you going back for more. Anyone using a trainer or considering using a trainer should definitely call Lori and see how good it can be

Alex – NYC


Lori was my trainer when I lived in Japan from 2005 to 2007.
In addition to developing highly productive weekly exercise routines and nutrition information, she coordinated my pre and post surgery rehabilitation for a total hip replacement.
I fully recovered and have complete mobility and range of motion.
I was back to running and playing softball 6 months after the operation.
She is the true professional who understands her clients and is passionate about achieving results

John Bree
New Jersey, USA


I started training with Lori, in Tokyo, eighteen months after giving birth to my first (very big) baby. I have always struggled with my weight and now that my son was at Pre School two mornings a week, I had to stop putting off the inevitable.
Prior and post pregnancy, I have always been trying to lose weight. Much to my chagrin, I have a slow metabolism, and have always found it hard to shift the extra pounds. Time and time again, I had tried diets and started new forms of exercise but had never seen any of them through or maintained the weight loss I had initially made, if I had made any.
When I started with Lori, she very quickly deduced (quite rightly!) that there was no point designing me an exercise routine that was going to kill me. I needed encouragement; praise and a sense of achievement and putting me on an extra strict regime would achieve none of the above. Instead, she set me a realistic exercise regime that I was able to stick to, and, as I improved, extend and make harder. Pretty soon, I was going to the gym three (if not more) times a week and spending at least one hour doing aerobic exercise as well as two one hour sessions with Lori, where we concentrated on toning.
Within three months, I had lost approximately 10 kilos and was feeling and looking great. Moreover, my body was in far better to condition to have another baby, which my husband and I had been planning. The January after I started training with Lori, I got pregnant with my second (very big) baby. This time however, Lori guided me throughout, telling me what I could and shouldn’t do inside and outside the gym and at 39 weeks pregnant, I was still to be seen in the gym training with Lori.
Inevitably, I put on weight with my second pregnancy, but this time only 9 kilos, considerably less than the first time and considering that my secod son was 5 kilos, that was still quite an achievement. After I had had the baby (my second Cesarean delivery), Lori once again guided me though the healing process, enabling the recovery to be much easier.
Four years on, I now live in Singapore and Lori is back in Australia. Not only do we remain friends, but I am also still training. At least three times a week, I go for a 6km run in the heat and humidity of the Singapore streets. Considering six years ago, I would have struggled to run just 1km in the cool climes of the UK, it just goes to show the improvements I have made.From day one, Lori never lied to me. She said it would be hard, and it was. It was a change of lifestyle alongside some self discipline and control. I worked hard to make that change and I feel far better for it both mentally and physically; but there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that without Lori’s support and encouragement, I would never have reached the place I am in today

Sarah Barrett – 34 years, mother of two (very active!) boys


I met this most genuine, spirited, and caring Italian/Australian in Tokyo on multiple occasions many years back. Lori’s engaging and personal coaching skills, extensive knowledge and talent, and keen attention to each person’s unique needs and goals are beyond extraordinary, but just the “tip of her iceberg.” Beyond her stellar gifts, one quickly realizes a sincere, empathetic, and loving individual, who wants so dearly to help people be their very best, both physically and holistically.

Lori not only revamped and tweaked my very old exercise practices/teachings, but moreover, she compassionately taught me an up-­‐to-­‐date, broad swath of exercise regimes that literally changed my life (that latter phrase is FAR from a ” pad/cliche” I assure you!) She is the “read deal” acuteally way BEYOND the “real deal!”

Your time and experience with this gifted and most caring individual will stay with you forever, elevating your mindfulness to good health, as well as revitalize and tether you to the goodness of the human spirit.

Lori has become a valued dear friend, as we continue to communicate from around the globe, now coming upon a decade since I met this spirited gem… that precious gem is Lori. :-­‐)

John Z. – New Orleans, LA